Oct 11, 2011

Some of my thoughts....

Today I may post a long post to share you guys about my thoughts. So bear with me if you wanna read. If not just grab the chapter :D

SweetSense was found in 2008 consist 1 member [that is me].

The only responsibility I take and will always keep [and I promised] when creating this group is I won't drop the manga series that I choose to release. It's been more than 3 years and I'm still keeping this promise so I'm happy.
There had been members joined and then left because of my laid back style of releasing. And that's why I'm afraid of getting more members join as well.
So actually now SS has only 2 members - me and Oksana.

I know this might be not good for any manga readers who cannot read raws.
But SweetSense group's priority isn't scanlating manga [even if we're a scanlation group]. So there's never a fix schedule to release like other groups. And if you guys ever follow us, since 2008, there's always time gap [months and months] before a mass release again. And that's why I have no intentions on fighting who will do what as I said in the past with other groups.
I totally understand the frustrations....
And I don't know what to say, since I can't promise a fix schedule or anything at all.
I just want everyone to know why. Even if you can't understand for us.
And why there isn't post in our blog. I mean, this is a scanlation group. I see no point in rambling unless I have / soon have chapters to release or something related to manga to post. If you know what i mean :)
It's not really a personal blog ... But that's just my thoughts. And probably that's why others assume we're dead....erm.....I guess it isn't wrong to assume we're dead anyways. But if we're actually dead, I'll definitely let you know....

Lastly, I received email about co-operation on releasing Bara no tameni with H2O group. And I absolutely love the idea. So unless something changes, you guys will get more bara no tameni ! Yay!

ch39 bara


  1. Ah! Thats fine :) we understand that you have lives, which should always be first! I don't mind if you release a month or so, or in 2 months. So, if you choose to join H2O thats fine too. We support you :)

  2. I don't mind the wait, I am just glad to see it being done. Thank you for your hard work.

  3. I perfectly understand you and just wanted to say "thank you" (:

  4. I understand. Since you promised that there won't be any dropped manga i don't mind waiting a few months, it's better then waiting years or not have anything.
    So thank you for all the hard work done!
    Thanks also for Bara no Tameni!

  5. This chapter was so good. It was well worth the wait. Thanks again for all your hard work

  6. I am so glad that you both will be co-oping on this project!

  7. I just extremely happy that your doing Bara no Tame ni. I'm happy to wait any period of time between releases. To be able to read this gem of a manga in English is such a treat that I don't mind. Thanks for all the continued hard work! :)