About SweetSense:

  • SweetSense only do low quality scans. That means, I only translate to make things understandable. Other factors like perfect grammar, nice translation, nice editing images aren’t included. Why? That’s because I leave those works for a company who wants to sell these manga. All of that to encourage people to go buy a legal version of the manga.
  • SweetSense’s chapters are different with original chapters.
  • Contact me at: SweetSense87@gmail.com
About Hosting my projects:
  • I always allow people to host what i’m scanlating, so you will get permissions. But please notice me of your hosting. Also, please only host my projects after a period of 3 days after release day (for reading online or adding mirrors).
  • Use my links if you want to add any other mirrors on your site.
  • Provide a link back to my site.
That’s all ^^ thanks for reading and I would really appreciate it if you follow them. Thank you!
Currently, sites can host my projects are:
About Release:
  • I don’t restrict people not to ask when will the next chapter out - but I can’t say it clearly when because releasing time depends on other factor (mainly is staff's free time) - but as for now, once per few months.