May 23, 2010

We're not dead

We don't have a release today. But I just want to inform everyone that apparently SweetSense is NOT DEAD.
Release might be really slower than usual (i know i know, we're already really slow and now we even go slower T_T I know, it's like WTH right?).
But I hope you guys can wait. Everyone is on hiatus so there's barely someone to work on any projects. 

You know what?
I've just realized that SweetSense just passed the 2 years anniversary last month.
[30.4.2008 & 30.4.2010]
And I didn't realized it until today.
To be honest, I just couldn't believe it. With a very few people and we manage to live 2 years already. That's just amazing - at least for me. I just feel like last year I'd just released chapter to happy 1 year anniversary, and now it's already been 2 years. Too bad there's no cake nor treats but I just want to post something just to, you know, congrats this site. Lol. We've been through so much changes. But I'm glad I'm still able sticking around with SweetSense group. :)

Hope everyone will have a good weekend.


  1. Yay for at least an update of not-deadness! I support this.

    When do you think Bara no Tameni will be back on track?

  2. Congrats on 2 years. May you continue on if you desire to do so.

  3. Congrats!! thank's for every thing in the past 2 years :)

  4. congrats! thanks for everthing! I love bara no tameni!!!!!

  5. Congratulations!

    I really wasn't sure where to place this comment. I'm sorry, I know I'm going to sound like the rudest person ever but I need to bring it up, just incase you guys were unaware. Now, Bara no Tameni has always been one of my favourite shouo series and Umi yori mo fukaku has quickly risen to the top as well after I first read it yesterday. (I am absolutely dying for more chapters.)

    The problem is, and I'm really not sure if you guys realise it, that the translations are horrible. Poor grammar and sentence structure and I had to often read it twice over to understand what's being said - which does spoil it a little, especially when it's such great manga. One of my biggest upsets in life at the moment is the fact that I do not know the Japanese language and I simply do not have time to take up classes. Otherwise I would volunteer to be a translator or to help out your current one.

    However, I mean I'm still more than grateful at the fact you're even bothering to scan and translate such fantastic manga and the translations are at least understood. Thank you for that! Still, if you need an editor or someone to clean up the translations, I will volunteer my time for you guys. Although I'm not sure how you do that but if you give me all your typed out translations, I'd be happy to edit it all for you guys. I found that while I was reading Umi yori mo fukaku, I was editing it all in my head anyway. Hope to gear back from you guys soon. I'll keep checking this comment page everyday. Take care! :)

  6. whew, im glad that the group is still not dead yet... ^___^
    congratulations on Sweet Sense's anniversary! i'll continue to support you~

  7. @Nymn: this isn't the first time people say Sweetsense's translation is crap. Actually I read almost everything related to my group.
    I am aware, & I don't mind people saying that. Because voicing your opinion means you like the manga and you care about us. So keep voicing. :D

    But again, quality isn't our priority since the very beginning, and i'm not going to lie, I don't want to change it. Quality means dedicate to your work (w/ time and life) - and we are not going to. In fact, our policy is getting the "understandable" translation out there for people who wants to read the storyline. And that's it. We will not going to change this policy unless something happens.

    btw, we do have proofreaders. I think they do good jobs. Maybe not good enough for people out there, but good enough for me.

    And, I really want to accept you into SS. But we are pretty much inactive at the moment since everyone is hiatus - so there's nothing to do and that's why recruitment is closed. Thank you for your offer and I hope I can meet you some time again when recruitment opens.

    Lastly, If you or others want to edit the translation, I don't mind. Just give credit, link back to our group and notify me (via email) are enough. :D

    Thank you :)

  8. Thanks for understanding. I just wanted to be humble about it because obviously I have no idea what sort of person you are and some people get sensitive about their work. I would say the same thing like you do however.

    Personally, I don't really think of it as quality but more of the normal standard. Like a house either has a roof or it doesn't. lol. I actually don't see how writing proper English would take any extra time or effort. Still, I'm glad to at least understand what they're saying.

    Sure, I'll check back again regularly to see when you guys are active. I do have exams right now but I really do feel like I might proofread the manga. Probably next week. I'll just download it and use the 'Paint' programme to type it out properly and I'll send you the final copy. I'm sure your contact e-mail is somewhere on this site. I obviously can't say mine here.

    Thanks for your feedback and take care! <3


  9. Darn! I just realised something. I probably can mostly only edit text with white backgrounds. Also... I don't think they have the same font you used in the 'Paint' programme. I would have to redo everything, even the pages that have good sentence structuring since different fonts can really take you out of the story. You won't get the same enjoyment levels if something keeps distracting you and you can't get into the plot.

  10. Darn! Just using the 'Paint' programme now. Went through every single annoying font but I can't figure out what style you used. Don't tell me the font you used was non-standard?


  11. Thanks allot for all the work you've done. Just started reading sunadokei and hope to see more. Thanks.

  12. Gah! Congratz :)
    I'm also glad you're not dead. I've really fallen for the sunadokei series and would love to see what vol 6 has to offer!