Jan 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Yes, Happy New Year everyone.
Hope everyone will have a wonderful year ^_^
Sorry that our group has been inactive lately. All of staff members are way too busy with life. And of course life has to come first before scanlation. We all agree with that, don't we?
As for me myself, I have two final exams coming in Jan 6th and Jan 9th, so i'm not free either T_T Oh well >"<
Anyways, for the new year release, here's Sunadokei chapter 5 v5. I know a lot of people have been waiting for Sunadokei. It's pretty much our main project after all :D I hope you'll enjoy it.

I planned to release more than 1 but maybe not. Everything is 3/4 done but somehow I cannot manage to finish off that 1/4 remaining O_o Sorry to people who have been waiting for Umi yorimo, Koucha Ouji, and Bara no Tameni. Well, at least you know we have the translation ready and maybe i'll put up the translations for everyone like we did with Hajime-chan ga ichiban v1c1. But i didn't get very much good responses from that way so probably we'll keep the traditional way of releasing. Oh well.

Anyways, enjoy :)

Sunadokei V5  C5: Download

[p/s]: if you haven't checked out Hajime chan ga ichiban v1 c1 : here it is: Download


  1. thanks for the release and happy new year!

    i loved the first chapter of hajime-chan :)

  2. Thanks a bunch! Happy new year!!!

  3. Yay! Thank you so much for the new release!
    Happy New Year!
    Also good luck in your exam :D

  4. Thanks a lot for the release and happy new year! We're all very busy at this time of the year so take your time. I prefer slow and H/MQ chapters over speed scanlations anyway. ;)