Mar 9, 2009

Meet our Staff! [update 13/2/2010]

Active staff:

1. SweetSense:
Position: creator of SweetSense, translator, editor
Hobbies: Learning Japanese
Contact: sweetsense87@gmail.com
Random comments: support us please ^_^

2. Ann:
Position: co-admin/supermod, translator, editor
Hobbies: making bentou
Contact: none - don't bother me!!!
Random comments: NAH DAH! ZIP! ZERO!!


3. Cukhoai:
Position: Vie/Eng translator
Hobbies: A lot @-)
Contact: buitam1012@gmail.com ,
Random comments: Hi XD

4. EscapingFate:
Position: Slave [aka. proofreader]
Hobbies: Too many to list =P
Contact: ummm....Forum? lol
Random comments: SweetSense is a great group to work with --- so join!!!


5. Pakuakun
Position: Proofreader
Random comments:

6. Maginox
Position: Cleaner
Random comments:

Inactive Staff: 

 1. Sou: [currently MIA]
Position: Vie-Jap/Eng translator
Hobbies: sleeping, travelling and reading
Contact: the.hakkenden@gmail.com
Random comments: "I'm just a wanderer.. Go and fly with me, we will meet someday in somewhere ..."

2. Oloore [aka. Oksana]
Position: Jap/Eng translator
Random comments:

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